Tips for Hiking Jinshanling Great Wall

A visit to Beijing without hiking the Great Wall is like going to Egypt without visiting the Pyramids. And if you find Badaling and Mutianyu sections too touristy and less challenging, you really should venture further to visit the Jinshanling Great Wall. Hiking throughout Jinshanling will be much of a blood-pumping experience for those adventurous travelers. Here are some first-hand tips in case you might want to visit Jinsahnling:

Jinshanling Great Wall TourJinshanling Great Wall Tour

Jinshanling section is amazing all year round, but the best time to visit it is during autumn days, when the temperature is quite pleasant for sightseeing and hiking, so you do not have to worry about being soaked up by sweat or getting cold. The views at this time are truly spectacular and breathtaking with the blue sky and snaking wall meandering upon rugged mountains and disappearing into the horizon.

It is highly recommended that you should be well prepared before you venture down to Jinshanling, because this section is a little bit off the beaten path, compared with other sections like Badaling and Mutianyu. Some must-carry items include some bottles of water, a Great Wall map, a pair of walking shoes, a backpack, a camera and a tent and some food if you are in the mood for picnicking and camping the night at Jinshanling. And for those who have no Great Wall hiking experience, it is highly recommended to hire a local tour guide.

If you want to go on this adventure to Jinshanling all by yourself without a local guide, you better check out more details about how to explore Jinshanling, including how to get there and get back, where to stay and what to see and eat there and so on. Moreover, if you want catch a coach to get to Jinshanling, you better check out the right bus line and be there on time because there are plenty bus lines which head to different sections of the Great Wall, so if you are not familiar with the lines or miss the time you may confuse the sections.

Most importantly, you really should keep in mind that safety is priority while hiking Jinshanling Great Wall. Do not underestimate the danger and steep of Jinshanling. You just can not be too careful when you hike the unrestored section at Jinsahnling! To sum it up, with these tips in mind, you will enjoy a pleasant and safe journey to Jinshanling and have a good time as well!

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